The Toilet for
Smart Asses

When you know what a Niagara toilet can do, choosing anything else would be just plain dumb.

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It's Time to dispose of your old ideas about toilets.

Our revolutionary design makes more sense. No matter how you look at it.

Better for the planet.

  • Water is our most valuable, most rapidly dwindling resource
  • World's most water-efficient toilet
  • Uses 50% less water than conventional toilets
  • 0.8 gallon flush versus 1.6 gallon flush
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Keeps more fresh water available as supplies decline

Better for your wallet.

  • More affordable from the get go
  • Pays for itself quickly in water savings — up to 30,000 gallons/year
  • No flapper means less maintenance and no leaking
  • Quick, easy install
  • 10-year warranty

Better performance, period.

  • Uses vacuum assist pull, so water doesn’t have to do all the dirty work
  • A clean bowl in a single flush
  • Noise-canceling tank, so your business is your business
  • No clogging due to a high-pressure flush and a fully glazed trapway

Meet Phil

With a toilet from Niagara Conservation, you can look really smart. Even if you're not.

A Day in phil's life

Toilets from Niagara Conservation can make even the biggest dumbass look awfully smart.

Phil at Work

Toilets from Niagara Conservation prove that even at work, a dumbass can be a smart ass.


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Wipe out water waste, and start saving up to 50% on utility bills. Your home (and planet) will thank you!

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Smart fixtures shrink water bills. Really smart fixtures boost property values. With a few more questions, our team can get moving.

Design for both beauty and brawn with Niagara products that look good while increasing efficiency and performance. Just a few more questions and our team can make it easy.


Stand out from the competition by giving your clients a better place to sit: a Niagara toilet. Just a few more questions and we’ll have our team on the job.



Hit your mandated goals by providing customers with a toilet that truly saves water (...and maybe even your job.) Just a few more questions and our team will get working for you.

What do you call a toilet that saves 30-50% in water bills? Smart enough to sell itself. Just a few more questions and we’ll get to work for you.